«TECHNO Polimer» – prompt delivery and reasonable prices

The company «TECHNO Polimer» is a wholesale supplier of bitumen and construction bitumen, retailed on the Russian national market, as well as exported to neighboring countries. All the products fully complete with the stringent of requirements of all Standards and applicable building codes.

Professional solutions

In «TECHNO Polimer» you can order a large or a small wholesale lot of packed bitumen, which is a universal material for roads and construction works.
During our work we have formed a well-established logistics system and optimized a proper delivery scheme, taking into account the requirements for transportation of these products, which significantly reduces the deadline for the receipt of the materials and improves the quality of our service. If necessary, you can obtain a bitumen road construction directly on or near to your object inventory.

Distinctive features of our work

If you are looking for a reliable partner and trusted supplier of Packed bitumen, Bitumen TECHNOLOGY is pleased to offer you the most favorable conditions of supply. We appreciate our customers and look forward to a long term cooperation.

In the company «TECHNO Polimer» you will find:

  • construction bitumen and the bitumen road with the highest quality level;
  • reasonable, economically justified prices for products;
  • uninterrupted supply in accordance with the schedule of shipments;
  • fast execution of orders;
  • transparent payment scheme with variation of the method of payment;
  • special loyalty programs for customers.

We understand how much impact today’s difficult economic situation in the country for business leading. That’s why «TECHNO Polimer» makes individual work programs for each client and offers the most optimal solution deliveries and flexible system of payment for each case.

How to contact us

To clarify the terms of cooperation, registration of applications for international delivery of packaged bitumen or get competent advice on the selection of products, please contact the managers of our company. We will be happy to answer all of your questions by our telephone customer line on +7 (495) 745-05-95. You can also request a call back at a time convenient for you or to discuss a custom order online – a live chat with our consultant.



«TECHNO Polimer» provides bitumen Packed for construction and road works. Arranging delivery of products all over the Russian Federation and carried out export deliveries to the CIS countries.

Granular cellulose fibre based on surface-active material. 

The product is packaged in big bags (BIGBAG), 500 kg per bag.
Intended for automatic batching into the mixers.

ANTROCEL® – GA acts as bitumen bearer preventing the leakage of binding agent when producing, transporting and laying the SMA. It is twice effective as it guarantees the activation of binding agent due to the presence of surface-active materials in its composition.

Construction bitumen

Company «TECHNO Polimer» supplies bitumen construction bn 90/10 brands, bn 70/30. Construction bitumen is a product of the industrial processing of petroleum resins and some heterogeneously connections. The result is a material with high waterproofing performance.

This type of Packed bitumen is used in all stages of construction works: in the framework of the waterproof Foundation, basement, roof, to create a bituminous waterproofing systems, protection of various underground pipeline communications. Construction bitumen is taken as the basis for the manufacture of special cements.

Among the main technical parameters of construction bitumen is that it provides high adhesion to concrete, wood, stone, excellent ductility, high level of hardness and strength. The material provides excellent waterproofing of any structure or its individual elements, protecting from environmental, climate and deformation effects.

Advantages of cooperation

In «TECHNO Polimer», you can buy high quality products, manufactured in accordance with the GOST requirements that have all of the necessary certificates and passports of quality. We do not raise our prices, making the purchase or construction of bitumen road bitumen in our company attractive from the economic point of view.

You can leave a request for the purchase and supply of Packed bitumen from our operators by our phone number: +7 (495) 745-05-95 or use the online order form on our website.


Transportation of Packed bitumen

Company «TECHNO Polimer» offers the transportation of construction bitumen grades 60/90 and 90/130 brands of bitumen bn 90/10, bn 70/30 to any region of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.

Transportation features

An alternative to the traditional method of transporting bitumen in a viscous/liquid state in special thermal tanks or heated railway cars, is the transportation of Packed bitumen in solid condition.

As packaging material we use drums, plywood cubes, plastic boxes, plastic packaging. This method of calibration allows you to not only preserve the original properties of the bitumen and construction bitumen, the road won’t loose its quality, but also it does not reduce the load.

  • Advantages of carriage of Packed bitumen:
  • the ability to transport conventional cargo in railway wagons and autocontainers;
  • unlimited distance for transporting at ambient temperatures from -50 ° C to +50 ° C at a relative humidity indicators of 98%;
  • compact stacked storage;
  • the opportunity to purchase products at any time of the year;
  • does not require bitumen pumps designed to handle highly viscous mixtures, necessary when pumping them;
  • economic benefit.

The unloading of Packed bitumen as done in standard forklifts. It shall be stored in ordinary storage facilities without special requirements to maintain a certain temperature. It’s necessary to extract the solid bitumen, construction bitumen, road or necessary using an angle grinder. For the transformation of solid bitumen into liquid products is subjected to temperature exposure.

Depending on the work required it takes just the right amount of material. In case of purchase of products in a liquid state requires heating of the entire mass.

In addition, the use of Packed bitumen allows to determine accurately the quantities in stock, while there is a situation with the availability of unelected residues from the tank.

How to order delivery

If you have decided on the amount of bitumen construction or bitumen road, contact the managers of the company «TECHNO Polimer» for conclusion of an Agreement of purchase and transportation, which will include all the necessary contact details of both parties, payment method and delivery time. Each party is provided with a full package of documents, including the passport of quality of the packaged bitumen.

If you have questions, call our customer service line on +7 (495) 745-05-95 or request a call back on the website.



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